Quail Farmer:- Sheila Waweru
License no. 9457554
Phone: 0721 675371, 0750 371101
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Quail Farmer:- Jan Zigbe
License no.
Phone: 0735 744444
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Email Address: jzigbe@gmail.com

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Insects and worms for feeding quail

Nutrition Value Worms, maggots, etc.
Explains why my quail love eating any kind of bug.

C.P. Crude Protein
C.F. Crude Fat
Ash Ash is the total of all minerals
G.E. Gross Energy Kcal also = gross energy
C.A. Calcium

Nutritional Value: Larvae
C.P. 52.7
C.F. 32.8
Ash 3.2
G.E. 6.49
C.A. .11

Nutritional Value: Beetle
C.P. 63.7
C.F. 18.4
Ash 3.1
G.E. 5.79
C.A. .07

Nutritional Value: Earthworm
C.P. 62.2
C.F. 1.77
Ash 5.0
G.E. 4.65
C.A. 1.72

Nutritional Value: Night Crawler
C.P. 60.7
C.F. 4.4
Ash 11.4
G.E. 4

Nutritional Analysis of Red Worms:
Moisture- 84.8%
Fat- 2.0%
Protein- 10.5%

Nutritional Analysis of House Fly Maggots:
Protein: 56.2
Fat: 20.
Kcal: 6.07
Calcium: 0.41
Ca:P: 0:36

Quail Cages – Many new designs


Many new variations. Including with steel sheet at the back and sides for protection against wind and cold. Also 4-tiers with a capacity of 250 birds.

Quail cages [all with ½” mesh base.]
3-tier, wooden, 1/2″ kukunet outside @ 17,500/-
3-tier, wooden, 1/2″ Knet front, steel sheet sides n back @ 19,500/-
3-tier, steel, MW 1″ outside @ 19,500/-
3-tier, steel, MW 1/2″ outside @ 21,500/-
3-tier, steel, MW 1″ front steel sheet sides n back @ 22,500/-
4-tier, steel, MW 1″ outside @ 24,000/-
4-tier, steel, MW 1″ front, steel sheet sides n back @ 26,500/-

Temperatures recommended for brooding quail

Temperatures recommended for brooding quail

The day-old chick’s temperature is about 3° F below that of an adult’s. Its body temperature starts rising about 4 days of age and reaches its maximum at 10 days. The chick needs time to develop temperature control (2 to 4 weeks). As the chick grows older, the downy coat is replaced with feathers, and brooder temperature must be reduced according to the temperature schedule.

Summer Brooding Temperature Schedule
Age, days Brooder temperature
1-7………..90*F = 32.2*C
8-14………85*F = 29.4*C
5-21………80*F = 27.7*C
22-28…….75*F = 23.9*C
29-35…….70*F = 21.1*C

Under this brooding schedule, the brooding temperature is reduced 5 °F each week. At 5 weeks of age, chicks maintain their own body temperatures if the room temperature is kept near 70 degrees.

Use lower brooding temperatures during warm months. Most poultry houses are not tight enough to maintain these temperatures constantly in winter. Insure adequate warmth in winter by using the higher brooding temperature; when cold nights cool the house, chicks are likely to have enough warmth.

In contrast to what many think, the most frequent error observed when brooding in the South [AND THE TROPICS] is OVERHEATING rather than too little heat. Many producers need to learn proper brooding to reduce losses.

Check the comfort of the chicks several times each day, especially in the evening. Make adjustments to maintain chick comfort. Contented peeping and even distribution of chicks around and under the brooder indicate comfortable conditions. If the chicks chirp and huddle to one side of the brooder, there is a draft. When the temperature is too cold, the chicks chirp sharply and huddle together under the brooder. If the chicks move away from the brooder, pant, and are drowsy, the temperature is too warm.

3 weeks old quail

My 3 weeks old Japanese quail. Realized they need a smaller feeder. Even with smaller holes sometimes one manages to squeeze inside the feeder. I have to remove them when they do. Conventional waterer for these young chicks. I don’t want them to drown in my modified waterer.